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New Zealand Online Auction News

There is yet more TradeMe competitors in the market now. is one of the more promising competing sites, design wise. But after having a good look thru the site it is almost a direct clone of TradeMe. The auction page layout is almost exactly the same as trademe (probably the same code has been ripped from TradeMe). That aside the site is quite clean looking and has a few special features without being overkill. A good feature is the ability to hover your cursor over the auction title (when browsing) to view the photo and auction description without having to click thru to the auction. As far as competitors go this site will be one to watch. – Another brand new site run by “experienced TradeMe members”. We hope to see big things if members are running it! We’ll be watching its progress. site has been online since Jan 2007, and apparently has just had a revamp? The homepage is too cluttered and has flashing graphics which make it look cheap. An interesting banner greats you on the homepage. They promise a Million Dollar Giveaway. They are giving away $1000 free site credit to the first 1000 members to join. Nice strategy but they of course charge fees, so are even worse than the free sites operating.

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